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My Camera and I
26 February 2010

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MVP of Game
23 February 2010

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14 January 2010

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Last one of Tebow only.
5 January 2010

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PINK flower.
3 October 2009

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2 October 2009

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Mini Villiage.
29 September 2009

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26 May 2009

Recent Comments

vu@granby - Wolfgang on My Camera and I
Nice to meet you and your camera, keep on playing around with it! ;-)

PeterFH on Almost Creepy
That´s what it´s about, having fun with the camera.

PeterFH on MVP of Game
Really great action shot.

PeterFH on My Camera and I
What a pretty girl :0) Well done.

Paul on My Camera and I
Very nice

Phil David Alexander Morris on My Camera and I
You play very well with the camera.

Hadi Hormozi on Lost
Nice shot, but for better works don`t look at camera ... in my opinion in this type of pics it`s better that you look ...

Hadi Hormozi on Field of Sun
Very Nice shot... Great Light

Gary on My Camera and I
very nice shot.

kisskool on My Camera and I
beautiful couple ;o)

Michael Skorulski on My Camera and I
I enjoy portraits and this is a splendid one.

H.S. on Almost Creepy

digitalCG on Almost Creepy
Lot of fun in this one - not your typical self portrait!

Ralph Jones on MVP of Game
She looks like she's got game.

omidvahabzadeh on Sister In Law
nice shot

Louis Hebert on Sister In Law
I agree about the shadow. You can try using a light box to diffuse the light or you can try using a secondary flash ...

Garfield on Cute Couple, Cute House
I can hear what he's thinking here. Love the look on her face, and posture

Jerry - a moment in time [...] on Cute Couple, Cute House
Hi Candice, I was browsing thru your pictures. Great model work and great work as a photographer having her and both of ...

MK on Color or BW?
she got perfect skin tone, color

daniela scharnowski on Color or BW?
BW, definately =)

Garaidh on Pretty Girl, Nice House
I've used many lighting systems Just bought an Alien Bee from Paul C. Buff, an 800. I found this monolight to be ...

Luis Rodrigues on Pretty Girl, Nice House
Nice portrait, well done

kisskool on Pretty Girl, Nice House
the composition of this photo, the expression and the posture of modèle are beautiful

MK on Laughing
sweet kids

chandan on Laughing
Beautiful shot....

Candice on Me and My Camera
I know the fan is not a nice background...but I was just playing around trying to have fun.

Garfield on The Mirror Room
Lovely ... I hope he counts his words when he gives his opinion! Love it

Dimitrios, think positive. on The Mirror Room
cool 4 or maybe 5!

Scott Collins on The Mirror Room
Very nice photo essay. Good composition.

YerFloW on All Dressed Up
nice photo =)

Jerry - a moment in time [...] on Burrrrr
Pretty model and great pose!!

kisskool on Formal
great portrait

MARIANA on Burrrrr
Again pretty and fashion :))

MARIANA on Bearing the Cold.
what a gorgeous face . She looks like Nastassja Kinski ...

MARIANA on Winter Formal
These kids are adorable . Very lovely double portrait !

Rags on Winter Formal
They look really neat.

Sarito on Bearing the Cold.
Beautiful portrait..

Candice on American High School Couple
I'm really not sure why when I upload things to Aminus they just do not look as sharp!!! It's really starting ...

Ralph Jones on Celebration.
Nice capture, you can see the testosterone rush in their faces.

Ralph Jones on Brevard High School
Yeah, you know the game!

Ralph Jones on Lay up.
Great shot! I think the best technique for sporting shots is to know the game. Looks like you are a b-ball fan.

Martin on Night at Asheville High
think i like this tighter version better, not sure why, you handled the low light really well, and all natural colors ...

Martin on Outhouse with a view.
really handled well. leading lines, those great colors. Great eye you have!!!

Martin on Signal Hill
fantastic colors and composition on this one. looks like a beautiful place...

Martin on Lay up.
Im not sure how the pros pull that off, I suspect they have mounted flashs in key positions, but you have done a great ...

Ralph Jones on Night
Love the light here!

Manu on Night at Asheville High
interesting picture; good colors

Mehdi on Night at Asheville High
Nice selection and perfect contrast.

Brittany on Mother and Child
simply BEAUTIFUL! =)

Brittany on Curious Look
how cute! very nice depth of field and the colors are wonderful! =)

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